Trade Show Displays

Stand out in high-traffic settings with a trade show booth design that makes the most of every angle and opportunity. Now you can make an impression that lasts long after the event.

Trade Show Booth Design Essentials

These big, bold pieces can help you get noticed among other tables and displays – setting you apart from the rest.

Trade Show Table Covers & Displays

Use these table display favorites to create a matching look and make a confident first impression.

Turn your trade show display into a confident introduction to your one-of-a-kind business.

Ready to cut through the noise and competition at trade shows or promotional events? Our fully customizable trade show supplies are here to help. You can now create a professional, matching look across your entire trade show booth design, from large backdrops and banners to smaller signage for table displays. Ready with your cohesive display, you can approach every interaction with a sense of confidence that gets noticed.

To start creating your ideal trade show booth design, think about the size and scope of the events you attend. Is your table display in the middle of a large expo center? Give yourself a backdrop with a branded pop-up display – you can add your business name, logo and colors. Or stand out to passersby by with a retractable banner, which you can set up in just 90 seconds. Working with wall space? Make the most of it by hanging a bright and inviting vinyl banner. In any instance, you can continue to develop your look with trade show table covers that feature your logo and website URL. Finally, tie it all together with tabletop signs that promote special event giveaways or recent customer testimonials – and get ready to start making connections.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What items are most important for a trade show table display?
A. The basic foundation of a solid table display includes three key elements, all of which are designed to look like a matching set:

A large, attention-grabbing visual element. Depending on your needs and your booth location, you may choose a pop-up display, larger vinyl banner, retractable banner or flag – but you want something that big and dramatic that will stand out in a busy setting. And, of course, you can choose to use more than one of these for an even better chance of getting noticed.

A professional table cover. Once you’ve caught the eye of a passerby, a good table setup becomes key. When you customize a tablecloth or table runner to include your business name, logo and website URL, you turn a simple folding table into a credible introduction to your business expertise.

Detailed tabletop signage. A tabletop sign or tabletop retractable banner can help you make a strong impression with prospective customers, even if you’re chatting with someone else. Consider including key details about who you are and what you do, recent accolades or even a customer testimonial. At trade shows, they’re also a great way to announce event-only sales or special contests.

Q. Which is better for trade shows – retractable banners or vinyl banners? 
A. To decide between retractable and vinyl, we recommend that you consider your needs and the venue. If you want to hang something up behind your table display, to create a visual backdrop, choose one of our larger vinyl banner sizes (or consider one of our pop-up displays, which stands on its own without the need for ropes or zip ties). If you already have a customized backdrop, a retractable banner is a great way to catch the eye of passersby as they walk by – you can set it up just in front of your booth. What’s more, retractables are incredibly easy to transport and set up – each comes in its own compact carrying case, and the pre-assembled banner and stand can be set up in about 90 seconds.

Q. What is the difference between a tablecloth and table runner?
A. Tablecloths are placed over a table’s entire surface. Our custom tablecloths drape over tables, with a classic flowing appearance. Fitted tablecloths, however, have a much sleeker look: Panels slide over the top and side of the table for a streamlined effect. And then there are table runners, which are long, thinner strips of material intended to drape over the front and back of a table. If you’re working with one table as part of your trade show display, we typically recommend creating your own personalized tablecloth. If you have a multi-table display, we recommend using blank tablecloths in a matching color on all your tables, and then adding a custom table runner to your main or center table.

Q. Can I wash and dry my custom table covers?
A. Yes. All of our printed tablecloths and table runners are machine washable – we recommend a delicate cycle with cold water. When the time comes to dry, we advise that you use the tumble dry low setting if you’re using a machine. Otherwise, air drying will do the trick.

Q. Do I need to buy a stand for my signs?
A. It depends. If you’re interested in signage that come with stands built in – one less thing to have to worry about packing – we recommend retractable banners, A-frame signs, floor standups, tabletop signs and tabletop retractable banners.

Q. Do vinyl banners come with grommets included?
A. Our vinyl banners do not come with our half-inch, metal grommets included as a default, because some display methods don’t require grommets. But they’re easy to add if you’d like them – and if you do, they’re added to the top and bottom of your banner, spaced about two feet apart.

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