Desk Name Plates

A distinguished addition to your desk.

  • 2" x 8" and 2" x 10" sizes
  • A wide range of text & plate colors
  • 6 holder options
  • Laser-engraved, durable plastic
Plate Color
Text Color
2" x 8"
2" x 10"
Gold aluminum
Silver aluminum
Black aluminum
Designer black
Name plate only
Solid walnut block
Price $16.00 ...

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Add a personal touch to a professional space with custom desk name plates.

Looking for a way to help people find the right place or person? Custom desk name plates are an easy and effective way to identify locations within your business, whether you want to draw attention to the checkout counter, an information center or a specific employee’s desk.

We’re ready with an assortment of customization options to help you design the right professional desk plaques for daily workplace use or special staff gifts. For a traditional desk sign look, you may choose to add black text to a silver or gold name plate – or even add white text to a colored plate. Feeling bold? Put colored text onto a black or white plate for a modern take on the classic. Then complete the look with your choice of holder, with wood, aluminum and durable plastic options available.

Name Plate Holders: Display Options

Which holder is right for your desk name plates? Here’s a closer look at each option. (Don’t need a holder? Select our “Name plate only” option above.)
gold aluminum desk name plate

Gold Aluminum
Gold top and bottom borders for a removable name plate.
(Shown: black name plate, white text)

silver aluminum desk name plate

Silver Aluminum
Silver top and bottom borders for a removable name plate.
(Shown: blue name plate, white text)

black aluminum desk name plate

Black Aluminum
Black top and bottom borders for a removable name plate.
(Shown: white name plate, black text)

designer black desk name plate

Designer Black
Black plastic borders for a removable name plate.
(Shown: white name plate, black text)

walnut desk name plate

Solid Walnut Block
Solid wooden base for a permanent name plate.
(Shown: gold name plate, black text)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you sell engraved name plates without a holder?
A: Yes. After you’ve selected your name plate color and text color, choose the “Name plate only” option under “Holders” – you’ll be all set.

Q: Can I replace the name plate in a holder with another name plate?
A: Yes, for most holders. You can take our engraved name plates out of our aluminum and designer black holders – it’s easy to swap in a different plate if you’d like. If you choose our solid walnut block holder, the name plate comes attached to the wood and cannot be changed out.

Q: Can I attach these name plate holders to a door or wall?
A: No – but we do offer custom engraved door signs with engravable name plates that will likely suit your needs.

Q: What is the designer black holder made of?
A: Durable plastic. After the name plate slides into place, it will have a thick black border with rounded corners surrounding all four edges.

Q: How many lines of text can I put on a desk plaque?
A: We recommend a maximum of two lines per name plate.

Q: Can I add a custom design or logo to my desk sign?
A: Not at this time.

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