COVID-19: Safety Signs, Face Masks & More

As communication and safety has become critical, we’ve created new products and designs to support our customers and small business communities.

COVID-19 Signage

We’ve added new templates to our gallery of customizable Coronavirus signs for business. Place safety signs in areas where your message needs to be seen. Use for social distancing, temporary closures, changing opening hours and more.

Spreading the Word

Circulate essential news like temporary closures or new delivery hours, share vital health and safety information with your employees and customers and be sure everyone knows the best way to contact your business.

To Warn & Inform

Label products or places with handwashing, sanitizing or other pertinent care instructions. Add logo or info stickers to packaging and keep neighbors, employees and customers up to date and in the know.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What information should I include on my Coronavirus signs for business? 

A: COVID-19 signage helps communicate important health and safety messaging.If you have a physical location, you might want to display information about social distancing or other ways visitors can protect themselves from the virus. Remind employees of hand washing and sanitizing guidelines by putting up a sign with this information. You can see lots of examples of COVID-19 signs in our design gallery.

Q: Can I create a social distancing sign?

A: All our Coronavirus signage is completely customizable, and we have several social distancing sign templates to choose from. We also offer social distancing floor stickers.

Q: My business is closed due to the Coronavirus, but I plan to reopen soon. What kind of COVID-19 signage should I use to let my customers know?

A: If your business has temporarily closed, you’ve changed your opening hours or you plan to reopen soon, keep customers in the loop by displaying that information on a COVID-19 sign for business in your window or announcing a grand reopening with a big banner outside your storefront.

Q. During these uncertain times, am I able to order products and have them delivered?

A. At this time, Vistaprint services remain in operation globally and our team also continues to work with third-party shipping partners to ensure timely and safe delivery.

Q. Have Vistaprint customers been experiencing Coronavirus-related service disruptions?

A. So far, we’ve seen very little disruption in customer service.